A bunch of adventure spots in Mumbai to get you pumped up!

People have a misconception that adventures are for those who dare to risk their lives. However, traveling to different destinations, exploring fun sports, and enjoying leisure pursuits is indeed a spectacular adventure in itself. You don’t have to be a machismo to enjoy these small packages of exciting intoxications in life.

Mumbai is bound by diversities of different cultures immersed in one city. The city is entailed to be a rapidly emerging Adventure capital of Maharashtra especially due to the regions between Mumbai-Goa Highway where most of the adventurous joyride kick-started. In Mumbai, people love to taste the thrill of life whenever given a chance. Each moment is played out exploring the unseen in a dynamic manner.

Here, I have brought a bunch of enthralling spots, especially for the coterie of people who are fond of adventures in life.

Glide high in the sky

There is no better retreat from life than traveling across the sky like free birds. Tandem Paragliding at Kamshet, Maharashtra gives you the perfect aura of euphoric flight in the azure sky. All you need to do is reach a mountain top, widen the wings of your glider airship, rest your body to the harness, and Get Set Go!

Don’t get jumpy about being gone with the wind. You can take control of your flight with brakes and joysticks attached to the aircraft. Also, there are numerous training schools to take guidance from. Just make sure you carry the necessary stuff like a cap, sunscreen, goggles, sports shoes and a camera (In case you want to capture snaps from the bird’s eye view) before you begin the adventure.

Cost: Rs. 2500 per person

Climate: Winter (October to February)

Location: Near Old Mumbai – Pune highway (NH-4)

Race the river with your kayak

Kayaking is one such adventure sport that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. A kayak is a narrow boat and paddle with a double-bladed oar, for paddling across the river. Though only the younger demographics seem to be drawn toward this enthusiastic sport. The right technique and body balance can make anyone an expert in kayaking. Kayaking in the Kundalika River at Kolad offers a breathtaking weekend experience. Just put your life jacket on to race the streams that rejuvenate your soul.

Cost: Rs. 350 per person

Climate: Winter and Monsoon (June to March)

Location: Near Mumbai-Goa Highway (NH-17)

Jump with a Dive

You only get one life so prompt your impulse and take chances. Get exposure to every adventure even the scariest. Skydiving also called Parachuting is an exotic adventure sport in Dhule, for the troops who dare to jump off the horizons and free fall with ease into the earth’s lap, espying picturesque landscapes. The dive site has all the necessary equipment along with a professional guide. An hour of training sessions trailed by 30 seconds of Para drop and 15mins Para flights are performed before commencing the venture. Walk the sky through your eyes imbued with mixed feelings. Seize the day with a lifetime spine-chilling yet rapturous experience.

Cost: Rs. 39,568 per person

Climate: Summer and winter (October to April)

Location: Dhule City near Nasik

Travel Underwater with Scuba Diving

Imagine you are Nemo from the Finding Nemo movie who wants to get out and have a good look into the world underwater, floating to the other side. Hmm… Already planning a scuba diving adventure! Aren’t you?

Scuba diving in Malvan Tarkarli, Maharashtra is one must adventure for people who take the less traveled path. You will be provided a mask with a breathing pipe to breathe comfortably underwater. Explore the habitats of the elusive critters and dig out the trove of marine life situated near the coral coast region. Traveling through warm waters filled with varied aquatic creatures is one euphoric journey you never want to miss.

Cost: Rs. 750 per person

Climate: Summer and winter (November to May)

Location : Tarkarli Beach, Malvan

Fight the Water jet with Rappel

Located near Kasara, Vihigaon Waterfalls has the most scenic views that nature offers including sites for bird-watching. Water Rappelling is the most famous water sport in Vihigaon. Water Rappelling also called Abseiling is a trek on the giant rocks with the help of high-quality ropes, seat harness, and helmet gear while the water gushes out from all sides in its full might.

Water Rappelling gives a feeling of achievement in itself as it’s a challenge not all can take. If you always fantasized to be like your favorite Super Heroes then this is the ideal sport to be one.

Cost: Rs. 900 per person (includes breakfast, traveling, and equipment charges)

Climate: Monsoon (July to September)

Location : Kasara Station

Aren’t all these adventure spots getting your mind boggled? Why not go for it in turn and live the life you always craved for? For those who are not “Mumbaikars,” this will be an unforgettable journey of exploration. Free from the ties of society, cultures, and boundaries lies a world of discoveries.

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