Road trips for Mumbaikars that will leave you awestruck

Golden hour view from marine drive Mumbai

The sky is pouring, painting the mundane land in exotic colors, making it an alluring picturesque. It’s the monsoon season; leap out of your daily humdrum and dive in to plan your weekend road trip. You can ask your girlfriend or tag your friends along with you but as long as you are moving on two-wheelers, you are nailing it! Road trips are best when you get actually acquainted with Mother Nature and a bike does provide this rapture, you feel connected. Enjoy the breeze hitting your hair, take an occasional snack break by the Dhabas, and meet flamboyant tourists to make it an unforgettable riding experience.

This listicle will provide you with the places you can go for a road trip

Lonavala and Khandala

Everyone residing in or around Mumbai has at least once visited this bounty, but the best season to go there is monsoon. Don’t give up your bike ride scaring the slippery roads but just be cautious and wear your safety gear, a windcheater, or a waterproof coat and tada! You are ready to explore.

Time: 2 hrs.Via Old Mumbai Pune Highway

Distance: 85 km


The bike ride to Alibaug is the most fascinating one, also you need to be punctual as you have to be on time for the ferry. Yes, you heard it right, Ferry! Bike + Ferry doesn’t that sounds interesting? Though there is a roadway but it’s too hectic and full of traffic. BhauchaDhakka is the savior. Ferry loads your bike and you can carry on your rest journey with your bike.

Time: Almost a 4-hour journey including the ferry ride

Distance: Almost 110 km

Malshej Ghat

That lofty, wobbly, and a bit creepy yet enthralling bike ride. Sometimes narrow, sometimes jammed with traffic and a wispy endangered tunnel. A packet full of adventure! This should be on every biker’s bucket list.

Time : 3 hrs. 15 min bike ride

Distance: 127 km from Mumbai

Pelhar Dam

Going on a road trip to Pelhar Dam is like riding in a forest, the path is narrow and unpaved, you can’t speed up your vehicle here, and you have to be careful. This journey is full of surprises as you may encounter a snake or fox while riding.

Time: 2 hr. ride

Distance : 59 Km

Bekre Bhivpuri

You may need to be an early bird for this one, as the adventures awaiting there, need a little more time. Riding your bike while the sun is rising is an astounding experience. But you must leave your bike at the foot of the hills to enjoy the waterfall.

Time: 1 hr. 58 Min

Distance: 79.5 km

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