Ravana Ella Waterfall and Miracles of Ravana History

Ravana Ella waterfalls review

Ravana Ella waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka and a tourist attraction. ravana ella waterfall is located at a distance of 5 kilometers in the Ella area of ​​Badulla district. Kiridi Oya is the water source and Ravana Falls is 25 meters (82 feet) high. From Bandarawela, several other small reservoirs join together and flow 117km (73 miles) into the Bundala Sea.

Ravana Waterfall and King Ravana

Ravana Falls is a place that inherits a great history of Sri Lanka because there is an old saying that King Ravana came to Sri Lanka with the SITHA princess and hid her in a cave.

In the past, during the reign of King Ravana, the buildings were built in an environmentally friendly manner. That’s why royal palaces, ponds, and even Supokabogi mansions have been created underground. Even today, those designs can be seen around Shakshi Ravana Falls. Ravana Cave, Nildiya Pond and more

View of Ravana Ella Waterfall

Access roads to Ravana Ella Waterfall

Ravana Falls can be reached by two routes, one through the Ella and the other through Wellawaya.


On the road from Colombo to Badulla, after passing Bandarawela, Ella is about 6 km away when you come to the road to the south of Kubalwela junction (Wellawaya – Ella – Kubalwela road). After going downhill from Ella town for about 5km, you can see the beautiful Ravana Ella Falls on the right side of the road.


When coming from Colombo to Saha Matara Galle (Highway / Normal  Road) area, Ravana Water Falls can be seen on the left while reaching Wellawaya town about 21km to the falls. (It is about 300km from Colombo by highway and you can enter from the Kottawa entrance, exit from the Mattala exit, and reach Ravana Falls via Thanamalwila, Wellawaya)


Apart from the expressway, you can also visit Ravana Falls by train. The train from Colombo Fort to Badulla can get off at Ella railway station and visit Ravana Water Falls by taxi or bus.

Google map of Ravana Ella Water Falls

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