Sturgeon Bay Hotels, Wisconsin: The Perfect Getaway

Review of Sturgeon Bay hotels

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is one of America’s most beautiful hidden treasures. Sturgeon Bay is a scenic arm of the large Green Bay famous for its seafood and NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. The city, or rather small town of Sturgeon Bay is located at the end of the Door Peninsula. With a town population of just 865 and a county population under 10,000, Sturgeon Bay is a fantastic and quietly picturesque place to wind down from a tough week at the office!

The bay is linked with Lake Michigan via the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal which is one of the major tourist attractions in the area while three bridges cross the bay including the historic ‘Michigan Street Bridge’ (Sturgeon Bay Bridge). This bridge, noted for its design is now on the list of American Historic Places and attracts many visitors each year, and you could be one of them.

When you get to Sturgeon Bay, it pays to shop around for hotel vacancies depending on your own tastes as the area offers some luxurious hotels which are certainly more comfortable and more expensive, designed for the traveler who likes to stay close by and soak up the atmosphere. On the other hand, the area caters to those who merely want a sparse room and a place to lay their head as they use their accommodation as a base from which to launch into all manner of day trips and excursions.

Bridgeport Waterfront Resort

With lots to do, one of the most popular Sturgeon Bay hotels among those who want to stay near or in the hotel is Bridgeport. Of all the Sturgeon Bay hotels, Bridgeport offers one of the most expansive ranges of activities for almost every type of traveler. The resort boasts a choice of single, double, twin, and family rooms as well as a gym, pool, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts. Over 90% of their customers have returned for a second stay and the locale well repays for the visit as it is close to a beach and offers Italian bakeries, seafood restaurants, and angling opportunities. While this is one of the most expensive hotels in the area, it provides great value for money as most guests don’t feel the need to travel much further than the mile-long trip to the beach.

Bridge waterfront resort on sturgeon bay review

Pembrooke Inn

For those seeking simpler lodgings, you might try the cheaper bed and breakfast known as the Pembrooke Inn. This small establishment will offer you thorough advice and transport for most daytrips available in the region and is one of the most popular Sturgeon Bay hotels. With only eight rooms to choose from, you’ll find that you exchange the depth of choice for a more personal experience and a saving of over 20% on average room bills in the Sturgeon Bay area.

White Lace Inn

Finally, for something totally different, why not try the reasonably priced White Lace Inn. This Sturgeon Bay hotel provides bed and breakfast facilities with a truly Victorian feel. The property dates to the late 1800s and the service comes with a smile. This is one of the most unique Sturgeon Bay hotels and really makes the trip there worthwhile. The hotel provides similar facilities to the Pembrooke Inn, fewer rooms, less choice but more personal service and accountable, self-employed staff. This must be one of the classiest of the Sturgeon Bay hotels.

white lace inn hotel review in sturgeon bay

So, there you have it, three of the most interesting and best-loved places to stay in the Sturgeon Bay area. Please make sure to try the seafood, it’s simply the freshest and most fantastic you’ll get anywhere!

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