One Day Trip in Austin, Texas—Ultimate Guide

One day in Austin - travel guide

Austin is the capital of Texas. This truly is a place that embraces everyone with a warm welcome, and keeps you preoccupied with numerous attractive things around you!

What’s the best time to visit?

There are various vital events in Austin, such as Texas Relays, South by Southwest, Formula One Race, and Austin City Limits.

The weather in Austin is mostly unpredictable, yet the most suitable times to visit are fall and spring. Summer here is incredibly hot, so you better avoid it. On the other hand, winters are comfortable, but you will find yourself confined by gray skies and dead trees.

Austin–a few facts

You can rely on Uber and Lyft during your travel since the sites of Austin are scattered throughout the entire city. So you need transport to reach. You better download the mobile application RideShareAustin, which acts as the best option for a cab-sharing service. You can even avail a great offer on your 1st ride!

Itinerary–one day in Austin

Follow our guide to make your trip memorable, even if for one day. Below are the top things and sights to do on your one-day trip to Austin.

Begin your morning early with a cup of coffee or fruit juice at the Blue Dahlia or a fancy brunch restaurant on eleventh street. The restaurants serve health-conscious drinks and mouth-watering delicious cuisines to satiate your taste buds.

Blue Dahila Cafe in Austin

After breakfast, you can head to the Texas State Capitol. This is a larger replica of Washington’s Capitol. You should avail the free guided tour once you are there to know the intriguing history of the city. This is sure to mesmerize you.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery or the Castle Hill Graffiti Park is another popular tourist point here. It was shut down at the onset of 2019. Nevertheless, you can check out the spot to make out as much as you can.

Graffiti Park in Austin

As we mentioned earlier, Austin is not only about scenic beauty but about fascinating cuisines. Don’t forget to try the local dishes once you are there. The whole day trip is sure to enhance your craving for food, and you need to have a bellyful of lunch before you set to move on again. Energize your spirit and taste buds with the outstanding cuisines and wines that the city offers.

Rainey Street is such a neighborhood of day drinking and brunch. You will locate a trailer park of food trucks, and on Sundays, you may even catch a live cover band at Icenhauers.

Austin Afternoons

You can opt for bike rental at any nearby bicycle stands or bike shop spread around the corner of the city. If you can’t locate one such spot, you are sure to find some shops surrounding Town Lake. This will help you to explore the city even more conveniently.

While heading towards the Oasis on Lake Travis, you can witness the glorious sight of the Limestone Mountains and drive through the rolling green hills if you already have a car. Such a mind-blowing sight is sure to occupy your memory forever.

After this, you must check out the Driftwood Salt Lick BBQ for its authentic smoke-grill BBQ. You will be enchanted with this taste! This restaurant even offers you a full meal buffet course so you can consume as much as you can. This is a sure bet for those who want to taste delicious foods at a cheaper rate. This full-course meal is going to keep you filled for a longer duration, which is hugely useful during a one-day trip to Austin.

Mount Bonnel in Austin

After all, these are done visit Mount Bonnell before the sunset to grab a wholesome view of the entire city from a 360-degree angle. This is a must-watch for every tourist since it gives you a glimpse of the horizon of Austin contrasted with the crimson sky during sunset. You can never forget this sight for your entire life.

Austin Nightlife – What you can do?

Night adds a different effect to the city of Austin. Indulge in salsa at Guero’s Taco Bar or lose yourself with the live music at Continental Club or walk along the bridge to South Congress. You will also feel the spirit of Austin once you get there.

Rock Rose is a street full of restaurants, clubs, hookah bars, and pubs, right at the center of a shopping mall. The young crowd loves to party away from the 6th Street crowd here. Visit this to fulfill your experience of Austin.

Where to stay in Austin?

South Congress is among those hotels that celebrate Austin’s quirkiness. You can also find other such hotels like Hotel San Jose or Austin Motel. But the plus point of the South Congress Hotel is that on the first Thursday of every month, the hotel management throws DJ parties.

For travelers who prefer to communicate with other fellow travelers, HI Austin Hostel is the city’s cheapest hostel. Amenities of this hotel include free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and a personal parking zone.

Visiting Austin–extra tips for travelers

Before traveling to Austin, it’s always preferable to buy travel insurance, so that you are ready for any unpredictable situation. Austin is a gentle and calm place for a relaxing trip. Nevertheless, if you are in trouble at any misfortune moment, you can always seek help from the local police station and embassy. The local people too are incredibly cordial, and Austin is a safe place to visit with kids.

One day may not be enough, but a weekend is quite useful in Austin. Don’t get disheartened. Step out of your home in the Live Music Capital of the world and take pleasure in your day of freedom!

Make a checklist and follow it

Before traveling, keep your bag pack handy with all the essential equipment like visa passports, and identity cards. Make sure to go stylish and safe. Most importantly, traveling light and following our travel item guide is the key to a happy vacation.

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