One-day trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota

What to see in Minneapolis in one day

To know about a city, we must know about its history first. Minneapolis got its name from Charles Hoag, the first schoolmaster of the town who combined the words ‘mni’ and ‘polis’ which meant water and city respectively, thereby becoming the City of Waters. Minneapolis is one of the twin cities situated in the state of Minnesota. It lies on the banks of the Mississippi River and is a neighbor to Saint Paul, the capital of the country. Minneapolis has one of the largest populations of an LGBT community, which makes it uniquely beautiful as it embraces love in all forms.

Best time to visit

The climate of Minneapolis can be categorized as a humid continental kind of weather with hot summers. Despite being situated far away from the equator, Minneapolis experiences a temperature rise to about 42 degrees C. Summers are warm and humid. On the other hand, winters are so cold that it matches the temperature of Alaska, which is situated far away from the North Pole. Along with that, Minneapolis experiences drought and floods, which proves that Minneapolis experiences the extremes of weather conditions. Therefore the perfect time to visit Minneapolis is from June to August. During the summer and the early fall, there can be seen an upsurge of tourists from all over the world. The changing leaves and the pleasant weather make it an ideal time to venture outdoors and spend some time under the water.

The city of Minneapolis is covered with green parks and along with natural scenery; Minneapolis provides an abundant amount of cultural diversity that includes a lot of museums. Use some of the dirtiest pickup lines, and if you’re in luck, you will end up having a healthy flirty conversation.

Minnehaha regional park

First, That most favorite park of all time. The city pays homage to the 53 feet high Minnehaha Falls along with the Hiawatha statues that form the chief characteristic of H.W. Longfellow’s poem Song of Hiawatha. This park is recorded to be the most aged, and a trendy one who receives around 7 lacks tourists every year.

Minnehaha Regional Park has many beautiful waterfalls

Minneapolis institute of art

Since it is the estuary of diverse cultures, therefore it reflects the reign of diversity in its architecture. The famous place to discover and learn more about the cultural and artistic interests of the city of Minneapolis is to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) which holds a vast collection of masterpieces from different countries such as Rubens and Rembrandt.

You should visit minneapolis institute of art, when you have one-day trip

The famous Guthrie theatre

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” The famous Shakespearian masterpiece “Hamlet” was performed at the Guthrie theatre inaugurating it on 7th May in the year 1963. The theatre is named after Sir Tyrone Guthrie who directed this play on the day the theatre was founded. Today the theatre has expanded into three stages and remains true to its promise to offer productions of plays by Shakespeare.

You will miss out on a lot if you don't see Guthrie theatre.

Weisman art museum

Another attraction for art lovers is the Weisman Art Museum situated at the University of Minnesota, which is the main attraction of the architectural excellence of the campus. The Frank Gehry makes an eye-catching and splendidly designed building, and you can no way define its shape of it. You can experience the variety of collections starting from American modernism to ancient Mimbres pottery along with traditional Korean Furniture. Admission to the exhibitions is fortunately free and so all you art lovers can come and enjoy this campus.

The best time to visit the Weisman Art Museum is when the weather is sunny.

The children’s theatre

There is also a fun theatre which caters to everybody’s hunger. The children’s theatre company, which designs the plays, especially for inspiring the youth. Classic children’s literature is produced and performed daily. If you happen to visit Minneapolis from January to June, you might get hold of something exciting.

Mill city museum

The Mill City Museum is inspired by the flour milling industry which was built in the year 1880 and was recorded to be the largest of its kind, but unfortunately, a structure was destroyed by a devastating fire. The history and the glory are seen on the façade that is built on the ruins giving history a modern look.

Despite the fact that Mill city museum was destroyed, you can view it inside

Walker art center

The most exciting sculptures are located in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the Walker Art Center. The world-renowned Spoonbridge and Cherry by Oldenburg are found here. The Walker Art Center has devoted itself to contemporary art. It is an essential place in the city.

Walking Art Museum in Minneapois

Accommodation in Minneapolis

The huge problem that the tourists face is that they don’t have a place to stay or instead they don’t find a suitable one according to their own needs. If you can afford to chip in some extra amount of money, then these are the luxury hotels that you can check out. The Grand Hotel Minneapolis, which is located very near to the Nicollet Mall and all the famous tourist spots, will be within a small radius. There is also an option of checking into the Best western plus The Normandy Inn and Suites is an exclusive hotel with quality services but not too pricy. The Hyatt Regency is also one of them which is famous world round. The ranges are moderate and can be afforded if wanted. The third category comes from Budget Hotels. If you are concentrating on travel and do not want to invest a lot in your accommodation, then Minneapolis has that kind of arrangement as well. The places like university Inn are one of them.

Appetite in Minneapolis

Minneapolis’s visit is incomplete without the delicacies of the restaurants. The paddy melt and yum yum bowl rice with lamb belly is a must-have. The juicy lucy is Minneapolis’ staple food item along with patata bravas. Bacon chop is a giant pork chop which will make you go, mama mia! Set aside the hotel food and hop into some local market and grab the local plates for the perfect and pure Minneapolis flavor. Check out the fashion and most importantly get friendly with the diverse art and cultural attractions of the city. If you are planning to spend a day in Minneapolis, then these are some must-haves. List it down in your journal and look at how many you can check into. Try as many as you can. This is a beautiful experience and a memorable one too.

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