Helpful tips and handy services for the digital nomad lifestyle 

Digital nomad who is working remotely

Life as a digital nomad is becoming more popular. And the trend is not going to give up. On this occasion, we decided to collect in one place all the important tips and handy services for those who choose the digital nomad life (by the way, the number of such people is 35 million at the moment). So, read on to learn more.

Tips on how to be a nomad

Find a suitable job

There is no general instruction on “how to become a digital nomad”. The key is to have a remote job with which you can travel. If you don’t have such a job yet, it is better to find one before you leave. 

Prepare, and prepare again

The biggest mistake in moving is not preparing for it. So if you want to be a digital nomad, don’t repeat it. Plans can (and will) change, but it is always good to know where you will go and when, where you will stay, how much money you will need, and how to get by until your next paycheck.

Remember about the balance 

Another problem is money. Don’t hope that with $100 in your wallet and a week’s advance, you can survive in Europe: yes, they say so in blogs/books and on YouTube, but it’s super uncomfortable and stressful. You have to go to a country where you’ll be as comfortable as possible with your paycheck. Otherwise, what’s the point of leaving at all? Not always a rich, developed country equals comfortable living conditions. Therefore, it is important to observe the ratio between the standard of living and its price.

Always interact with people

I always advise people to communicate with each other. It’s the most valuable thing if you travel alone. When you meet people from different countries, you don’t feel so lonely. You understand that you have your own company, your own community, even if everyone is in different parts of the world right now. Do not be afraid of difficulties—everything can be resolved. If it does not work with the first move, go back or plan a new one. If you don’t know anyone in the country, don’t worry—you’ll get to know them.

Stop when you feel it’s necessary

Moving all the time, interacting with people, and going on adventures can be exhausting. And you also work. And it doesn’t make you less of a digital nomad—it just makes one of your journeys different: calmer and slower.

Check out travelers’ reports

Usually, people like to tell you everything in detail: how much it will cost to get to town from the airport, how much a bottle of water or a SIM card costs. You can dig up all kinds of information. And I highly recommend looking for local people—they can tell you much more. At the same time, you’ll get the starting connections, so then life is more fun and easier.

Avoid bringing too many things.

Over time, you will realize that you need very little: a smartphone, a laptop, a couple of sets of clothes—everything fits into a small backpack (unless, of course, you are an ultra-fashionable person who changes outfits every day). And even if you’re moving to another country for a few years, where you want to arrange your home and new life, there’s no need to take anything with you—only money. You can buy everything you need on the spot. There, your life will expand into a few suitcases. But start with a simple little backpack.

Look for a co-working space or any suitable café

Co-working spaces have long ceased to be “entertainment for the rich”. In Europe, for example, free workspaces are often organized in libraries or banks. There are such places in business centers and co-working spaces. So just Google the topic.

The regular cafés haven’t been canceled, either. You can even specifically Google places that are convenient to work in. But still, people come there to eat, and you can’t stay there for 8 hours—you have to change locations.

Top 5 handy services for digital nomad lifestyle

  • Airalo — buy an eSIM of any country.
  • SafetyWing — get medical insurance that is valid in any country all year and includes one child.
  • Eventbrite — look for event listings in any city.
  • — search for co-working places.
  • Numbeo — compare the cost of living in different countries.

Know any must-have services that may help nomads with travel or relocation? Share them in the comments below. 

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